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Faulkner 83

Faulkner 83

After running the Dictionary of American Regional English word list through Faulkner's online works, we estimated 83% of his regional expressions belong to the "Southern" categories.

One Day in Brown County

One Day in Brown County

On average, 1/2 cow occupies every acre of ag land in Brown county WI and every cow produces the platform's volume worth of manure in one day.

Well Water: 1 in 3 (top view)

Well Water: 1 in 3

One in three wells in the state of Wisconsin is contaminated with detectable levels of pesticide or herbicide.

Bittern: 70

Bittern 70

70 regional names for the common bittern adorn this sculpture of birds-eye maple and walnut.

Wood Terms: 95

Wood Terms 95

95 terms from DARE incorporating the word "wood."

Roll of the Topics: 5,10,20

Roll of the Topics 5, 10, 20

Clusters of terms depend on settings

His and Hers Inkwells: 1500

His Hers Inkwells 1500

3D printed inkwell (interior light) composed of words used exclusively by female authors.

Predicting Dickens: 7-12

Predicting Dickens 7-12

A steamer trunk of data to explore the missing chapters of Dicken's The Mystery of Edwin Drood

Word Length Landscape 4.7 4.2 3.7

Word Length Landscape 4.7 4.2 3.7

Data is turned into a landscape with the mean word length measurements giving rise to area chart mountains––Shelley's Zastrozzi 1810 has a mean word length of 4.7 characters, Dickens' A Tale of Two Cities 1859 represents the middle at 4.2 characters, and Stevenson's The Beach 1893 has a mean of 3.7 characters, respectively. "Undistinguishable" is the longest word at 17 characters.

Frankensteins Frequencies 123

Frankenstein's Frequencies 123

Views of the highest frequency body part mentions in Frankenstein.

WordCAKE: VictorianDecades

"Little" "Time" in a Century

WordCAKE offers a view of high frequency words over decades of Victorian novels.

Theodore Roosevelt 2

Theodore Roosevelt 2

Analysis of TR's 1885 book, "Hunting Trips of a Ranchman" for regional vocabulary: ND vs New England regionalisms

Fin 2050

Fin 2050

Visual of trout habitat projection for 2050 (~10% but fuzzy).

Wool 7

Wool 7

In 2011, the average sheep in Wisconsin produced a 7 pound fleece (7 pounds of clean wool roving takes up roughly the volume of this sculpture).

Daily Bovine

Daily Bovine

One cow produces as much estrogenic chemical as 1,000 women on postmenopausal supplements.

The Great Unread

The Great Unread

Acknowledging the "unknown unknowns" of missing Victorian texts.

Blue Jay: 10

Blue Jay 10

From bird o’ Satan to Blue Jesus


Light Box

Thanks to the First Folio, these works exist

sneak peak

Sneak Peak

Fiber art to be unveiled in Mid November


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Sage Grouse

Wavy walnut table

Chair 3

Walnut drafting chair


Log sign carved for family farm

Carrie Roy and Marlin Haberstroh 2012

Walnut rocking chair

Carrie Roy and Marlin Haberstroh

Kubbestol with walnut and cherry accents.

Chair 3

Walnut drafting chair


Wheat Field, North Dakota

North Dakota wheat field

West Fjords, Iceland

Patreksfjörður, Iceland

Ship Shed, Iceland

Patreksfjörður, Iceland

Ale Container

Norwegian Ale Container

Ships, Iceland
DSC_0094 copy
DSC_0146 copy
Icelandic Beach

Patreksfjörður, Iceland



Country School

School house, North Dakota


Bergen, Norway

Iceland Landscape

Westfjords, Iceland

Lonely Road, ND

Lisbon, North Dakota