The Great Unread: Untold Numbers

The unknown unknowns of missing texts
Album: Art

Yoga parody book


Roll of the Topics: 5, 10, 20

pick a number, any number
Album: Art

His and Hers Inkwells: 1500

Victorian Inkwell printed from 3D words
Album: Art

Hi, my name is Carrie Roy, and I am interested in exploring innovative methods and modes for how we relate to data and information.

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Farm Stats: Figures of Figures

wool work playing with ag stats


medieval Nordic chair made from basswood log

Drafting Chair

American Black walnut drafting chair

Maloof inspired rocking chair

walnut with hickory accents

3D SculptUp

objects sculpted in 3D space

Music Melody Search and Analysis

select and view related melody matches

Well Water: 1 in 3

1 in 3 wells in WI contaminated

One Day in Brown County

water quality data meets sculpture

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