The Great Unread: Untold Numbers

The unknown unknowns of missing texts
Album: Art

Yoga parody book


Roll of the Topics: 5, 10, 20

pick a number, any number
Album: Art

His and Hers Inkwells: 1500

Victorian Inkwell printed from 3D words
Album: Art

Hi, my name is Carrie Roy, and I am interested in exploring innovative methods and modes for how we relate to data and information.

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Train Station Pub II

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Train Station Pub

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Tilda with dog

Galen the dog has the best smile!


wheat field near Lisbon, ND

Lonely Road

near Lisbon, North Dakota

River Mist

along Sheyenne river valley near Lisbon, ND

Country School near Lisbon, North Dakota

rural school building, early 1900's

West Fjords

fishing town in West Fjords

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