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A bit about my background and work

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CV and research interests

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Sculpture, photography,
tools, design +

In the News

TEDx talk "When Art Collides with Data"

"When Art Collides with Data" Carrie Roy Oct 28, 2016, Temple Buell Theater, Denver Colorado

Journalism and Art: Complementary and Collaborative Storytelling

Nieman Reports, by Michael Blanding. March 28, 2016.

Through Art, Data Gets Humanized

Turning statistics into artwork isn't just a hobby for WID researcher and artist Carrie Roy -- her sculptures are powerful tools to share ideas with people of all ages and backgrounds.

Turning Victorian literature into data into visual art

It's called "Victorian Eyes," and it’s based on a unique collaboration: an English graduate student developed research questions, a statistician figured out how to answer them using digital tools, and an artist turned the data into sculptures and drawings.

'Victorian Eyes' Exhibit Lends New Understanding of Literature

"Victorian Eyes” is a traveling art exhibition that examines Victorian literature from literary, statistical and artistic vantages. Led by a diverse team working at the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery, including experts from literature, statistics and art, the exhibit offers insights into larger trends taking place during the Victorian era.



Ross Tredinnick and Carrie Roy designed WordCAKE (Collated Aggregate of Key Elements) to track frequently occurring words in sequential texts (across time, chapters, versions, or any sequential ordering). WordCAKE is a layered 3D representation of key words across multiple texts where each layer or disc represents one text.


ScripThreads is a software tool for the digital analysis and visualization of screenplays. The tool offers multipe visualizations and CSV's to examine character presence, absence, co-occurence, narrative structure, pacing and more. Created by Kevin Ponto, Eric Hoyt, and Carrie Roy.

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